Belmont Light 40 Prince Street Belmont MA 02478

The 115 kV Substation & Transmission Project . . .
Meeting Belmont’s Long-Term Electricity Needs


115 kV Substation and Transmission Project. Summary: The 115 kV project is the least expensive and most efficient long-term, viable solution that addresses Belmont’s electric needs for the next 40+ years. It is the only solution with potential for regional cost sharing and it is the solution with the lowest impact on Belmont electrical rates.

Smart Grid Project. Modern metering technologies will provide every Belmont customer with the knowledge and tools needed to meet conservation goals, save energy, and reduce electricity bills.

Community Involvement

Belmont Light has been a part of the Belmont community for over 100 years. We are consistently looking for ways to give back to our neighbors to make sure that Belmont remains a great place to live and work.