Municipal Light Board                            Term End:

Adam Dash                                                  2020

Mark Paolillo                                               2019
Vice Chair

Tom Caputo                                                 2021
Board Member

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 Light Board Advisory Committee          Term End:

Steve Klionsky                                            2021

Mark McVay                                                 2019
Vice Chair

Travis Franck                                               2019

David Beavers                                              2019
Committee Member

Roy Epstein                                                  2019
Committee Member

Bob Forrester                                               2019
Committee Member

Ralph Jones                                                  2021
Committee Member

Light Board Advisory Committee Charge
(Updated October 24, 2016)

Purpose: To advise the Municipal Light Board (MLB) on fair and equitable demand-side management (DSM) policies, plans, and programs that are consistent with customer needs, legal mandates, public policy, operational requirements, and the long-term financial stability and viability of the electric utility. The LBAC shall provide other advisory duties as requested by the Municipal Light Board.

Composition: The committee shall be comprised of seven (7) voting members appointed by the Municipal Light Board, including persons with expertise in at least some of the following areas: legal and regulatory matters related to electric utilities, electric power engineering, finance, accounting, economics, sustainability, and renewable energy. The members will be appointed for staggered three (3)-year terms.

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