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2015 Policy on Emission Free Renewable Energy Facilities (Solar and Wind Distributed Generation)

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Direct-Debit Billing Program Application
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Sales Tax Exemptions

Your organization may be eligible for any of the following exemptions to the state sales tax.  Please consult an accounting professional to determine whether your organization qualifies.

Small Business Energy Exemption

Small businesses with gross income of less than $1,000,000 for the previous calendar year and that reasonably expect to have gross income of less than $1,000,000 for the current calendar year, and that have five or fewer employees may be eligible for an exemption from paying a sales tax for their purchase of electricity for their own use.  

In order to obtain this exemption, the small business must complete Form ST-13 (click here for form) and submit it to Belmont Light before January 1st of the calendar year that the exemption will be in effect.  The small business must complete and resubmit this form to Belmont Light annually in order to maintain the exemption.

Exempt Use

A manufacturer may be eligible for an exemption from the state sales tax if the electricity purchased from Belmont Light will be consumed and used directly and exclusively in the actual manufacturing of tangible personal property to be sold or in the heating of the industrial plant provided at least 75% of the metered electricity is used for the combination of such manufacturing or heating of the manufacturing area.

In order to obtain this exemption, the manufacturer must complete Form ST-12 (click here for form) and submit it to Belmont Light.  The manufacturer should update and resubmit this form to Belmont Light as needed or at least every 5 years.

Sales Tax Exempt Purchaser

Any exempt 501(c)(3) organization that has obtained a Certificate of Exemption (Form ST-2) from the Commissioner of Revenue (Massachusetts Department of Revenue)may submit to Belmont Light a Sales Tax Exempt Purchaser Certificate, Form ST-5 (click here for form), signed by the organization with a copy of its ST-2 attached.

Belmont Light may ask for an updated ST-5 from the organization as is necessary.