Belmont Light Smart Charging and Bring Your Own Charger Programs

I have an electric vehicle! What are my charging options?  

A. Level 1 Charging - Anyone has the option to charge their vehicle on a household 110 volt outlet. All EVs come with the appropriate cord allowing you to simply plug your vehicle into the wall. This option, known as "trickle charging," is very slow and may take up to 15 hours to charge your vehicle. It works best for plug-in hybrids with small batteries, or people who do not drive much each day

B. Level 2 Charging - Most people will choose to install a level 2 charger, which will charge the vehicles much faster than the 110 volt. These chargers come at 240 volts and range in amperage.

$250 Charging Equipment Rebate

Through June 30, 2018, Belmont Light is offering a $250 rebate for wifi-enabled level 2 charging equipment. Eligible models include:  

To claim your rebate, email after you purchase and install your charger.

I installed a level 2 charger. What rebates can I get for charging  during off-peak hours?

Belmont residents with a Level 2 electric vehicle charger (240V) may enroll in the Bring Your Own Charger Program and earn $8/month when they “charge smart.”

To enroll:

  • After you install your charger, send an email to to request an enrollment form.
  • When you return the signed form, include a screenshot of your car set to charge between the hours of 10 P.M and 1 P.M during weekdays, and anytime during the weekend (10 P.M. Friday to 1 P.M. Monday).
  • You are able to charge during the daytime (weekdays, 1 P.M. to 10 P.M.) up to 3 times each month, in case of emergency.
  • Participants earn $8/month - That’s the equivalent of about 1,600 FREE miles per year.

Note: In February 2018, Belmont Light updated its Load-Controlled Smart Charging Program to replace the 15% rebate with a more predictable $8/month rebate. Participants currently enrolled in the 15% program may elect to remain in this program through 2018. All new participants will be enrolled in the Bring Your Own Charger (BYOC) program.

Coming soon...

If you do not have space at your house to install the level 2 charger, you will soon be able to purchase an eMotorWerks JuicePlug that will connect your regular 120-volt outlet charging to your wireless network so you can receive the monthly charging incentive provided by Belmont Light.


Belmont Drives Electric

Belmont Light is partnering with Belmont Drives Electric (BDE) to promote the use of smart chargers for electric vehicles.  Find out more information about the Belmont Drives Electric by clicking here.

BDE will help you find a certified electrician to connect the charger to your electrical panel and complete the installation. ?Email them at or if you have any questions about this process.

Make sure to drop by an upcoming BDE event to drive an electric car, talk with Belmont residents who own electric vehicles, and learn about our Smart Charger Program.  

Stay tuned for upcoming events!