Considering switching to electric? Check out our information page: Why Go Electric?

Want to know what options are available for charging electric vehicles? Check out our resource here: Charging Options

Have an electric vehicle and have or will soon purchase a home charging station? See if you qualify for a rebate from Belmont Light: Charging at Home


Belmont Light has partnered with Belmont Drives Electric (BDE) to promote the use of smart chargers for electric vehicles. Find out more information about the Belmont Drives Electric by clicking here.

BDE will help you find a certified electrician to connect the charger to your electrical panel and complete the installation. Email them at if you have any questions about this process. Make sure to drop by an upcoming BDE event to drive an electric car, talk with Belmont residents who own electric vehicles, and learn about our Smart Charger Program.


Check out BDE’s Facebook page for news and future events!