Purchasing a new appliance this year? Choose an ENERGY STAR qualified appliance and receive a rebate on your electric bill!


The 2019 ENERGY STAR Appliance Rebate Program features rebates for ENERGY STAR qualified dehumidifiers and room air conditioner replacements, as well as rebates for central air conditioners, refrigerators, and room air conditioner additions. The 2019 Appliance Rebate Program is designed to help you save even more energy and money in 2018 and beyond. Download the 2019 Appliance Rebate Application Form and return it with your sales receipt, proof of the ENERGY STAR qualification and proof of removal* to the address below.

Return all appliance rebate applications to:

Energy New England
Belmont Light Appliance Rebate Program
5 Hampshire St, Ste. 100

Mansfield, MA 02048

Please do not include your applications with your electric bill payments.

Appliance and description Rebate amount
Refrigerator 15.0 cubic feet or larger (with DPW or vendor disposal)* $100
Heat pump and hybrid heat pump dryer** $300
Central AC with SEER rating ≥ 14 *** $100
Room AC (with DPW or vendor disposal) * $100
Room AC (no disposal) $25
Dehumidifier $75
Optional Sensibo smart controller for Room AC Up to $120
WiFi-enabled hybrid heat pump water heater $500
Optional smart Aquanta controller for water heaters Up to $165
WiFi-enabled smart thermostat $100


* Proof of proper removal by DPW or vendor of your old appliance is required for all refrigerator rebates and for the full-room air conditioner rebate.

** Standard dryers, even those with ENERGY STAR labels, do not qualify for rebate

*** Heat pump system does not qualify as an AC for purposes of the Appliance Rebate Program.  Please see our Heat Pump Rebate above.

Rebates are limited to $200 per household per calendar year, excluding heat pump dryers and heat pump water heaters.

See the ENERGY STAR Appliance Rebate Application and Brochure for more information or call 1-888-772-4242. For information on ENERGY STAR qualified products, vendors, and potential savings, visit