Heat Pump Consultation Services

If you are considering heat pumps for your home, Belmont Light strongly encourages you to take advantage of Abode’s no-cost heat pump consultations. Abode’s Heat Pump Specialists are dedicated to providing you with objective, impartial advice on heat pumps and how they may be a good fit for your home. Whether you are just starting to explore the technology or have already met with contractors, Abode is happy to assist. If you’ve already received quotes from installers, Abode can provide you with a quote comparison report evaluating up to three proposed systems, to help you make an educated decision on which proposed systems will perform efficiently and meet your project goals.

Schedule a no-cost virtual consultation with a Heat Pump Specialist to receive assistance with:

  • Understanding how heat pumps work
  • Rebates and incentives offered by Belmont Light
  • Guidance on the best solutions for your home
  • Working with contractors
  • Reviewing and comparing quotes

Click below to schedule.

Heat Pump 101 Webinar

Click here for the Heat Pump 101 webinar to learn all about heat pumps and how you can save money with Belmont Light.

Incentive Program

Belmont Light has partnered with Abode Energy Management to educate you about heat pumps and guide you through the process of installing them at your home. If you are starting from square one and want to learn more, we highly recommend talking with our Heat Pump Specialist about your home heating and cooling goals.

Note: Any projects pre-approved in 2022 will remain eligible for rebates under the 2022 efficiency criteria even if their installation date ends up in early 2023.

Rebate Process

  1. (Recommended) Set up appointment with Heat Pump Specialist with Abode for discussion about heat pumps and installation process
  2. Select contractor(s) for contact and proposal
  3. (Optional) Upon a signed contract with contractor:
    • Contractor submits preapproval form to Abode for review
    • If no issues, Abode issues preapproval letter for installation
    • If there are questions or feedback on system sizing and design, Abode contacts the contractor directly to discuss
  4. Contractor installs ASHP system
  5. After installation, contractor completes Install QA Form
    • Customer and Contractor receive an email from Abode once reviewed and approved
  6. File rebate paperwork
    • Customer applies for ASHP rebate via our Online Rebate Portal
    • Contractor and/or Abode provides assistance

Program Requirements

  • Air-Source Heat Pump (ASHP) installations must be completed by an experienced and licensed professional
  • Limit of one rebate per year per customer account
  • Applications must be reviewed by Abode Energy Management via the Installation Quality Assurance Form
  • Must meet NEEP Cold Climate Air-Source Heat Pump (Version 4.0) requirements
  • Minimum energy efficiency requirements: NEEP Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pump Specifications
RatingNon-Ducted SystemsDucted Systems
SEER2≥ 15≥ 14.3
COP @5°F ≥ 1.75≥ 1.75
HSPF2≥ 8.5≥ 7.7

Rebate Incentive Amounts-

Rebate amount will be determined by date of installation and the cooling capacity of the outdoor unit(s).  12,000 Btu = 1 ton.

Qualifying ProductsBase Rebate (Existing Fuel: Oil, Propane, Electric Resistance)Base Rebate (Existing Fuel: Natural Gas)
Non-Ducted/Ducted Systems$700/ton$350/ton

Incentive Adders:

  • $1,000 for Residential Rate A Low-Income and Small Municipal Rate MB customers
    • Please provide a copy of your most recent Belmont Light bill with rebate application
  • $1,000 for customers that remove their old fossil-fuel based system or install an ASHP system while performing a gut renovation or during new construction.
    • Please provide proof of fossil-fuel system removal with application


Mass Clean Energy Center’s Go Clean page: Has basics of air source heat pumps and how to operate them, plus information on local installers.

Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships (NEEP) Air Source Heat Pump page: Basics about the organization’s efforts in providing the best available resources for consumers to review material about heat pumps, make the best choices in purchasing heat pumps and how to care and maintain them after purchase.

NEEP Heat Pump Buying Guide: Produced by NEEP to help consumers understand heat pump technology and how to purchase a heat pump system for their home.

Five Lessons from My First Year with Mini-Split Heat Pumps: Blog post from the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) that contains lessons learned after purchasing a home in Vermont that had heat pumps installed.

How to Use your Ductless Heat Pump: Blog post from Efficiency Maine about the best practices for maintenance and upkeep of a heat pump

Who knew? 8 ways NOT to use a heat pump: Guide from Efficiency Vermont about what NOT to do with your heat pump for maximum efficiency

Heat pumps outperform boilers and furnaces — even in the cold: Article from Canary Media regarding the performance of ASHPs in cold weather

Page Updated: 13 September 2023