The Peak Rewards program aims to reduce Belmont Light’s peak capacity, which impacts power supply costs and rates for the following year.  By shifting your home’s use of your connected, and unconnected, devices and appliances, you contribute to reducing the amount of energy that Belmont Light is requesting from the grid.  The more energy demand on the system, the more generators need to come online, with the dirtiest (meaning high carbon-producing) ones helping supply enough electricity for the grid.  By reducing the amount of energy during a particular hour and flattening out the demand, Belmont Light customers are able to help stabilize the demand and reduce the need for the dirtiest power plants.

In following with the Town of Belmont’s Climate Action Plan and Belmont Light’s own Strategic Plan, the reduction of power demand during peak periods of the day helps reduce the carbon footprint of the town.

Program Specifics

Throughout the year, Belmont Light will identify certain days when electricity usage is expected to reach peak levels. For purposes of the program, these days will be called “peak events”. During peak events, participants in Peak Rewards will be asked by email and mobile notification to either reduce use of or turn off program-connected devices. By reducing usage during the designated window of time, a participant will have successfully completed the peak event.

Participants will earn monthly incentives on devices if they participate in at least 75% of the events during the month. Belmont Light will strive to send email and mobile notifications to participants the day before any peak event, but due to changes in weather and system demand, participants may be notified of peak events the day they occur. Participation will be tracked and incentives awarded quarterly as a bill credit. See the table below for more details on monthly rebate amounts:

Technology TypeVendorPotential Monthly Incentive
EV ChargerChargePoint
Hybrid Heat Pump Water HeaterRheem

We are excited for you to join us in this next step to a smarter energy future and want to support your conversion to the new program with a seamless, quick enrollment process.

For more program information and to sign up, please visit:

You can also contact us directly at 617-993-2837 or if you have any other questions.