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Belmont Light has partnered with Abode Energy Management on a new program, CleanComfort, to provide our residential, commercial, and industrial customers with expert and impartial support before, during, and after the process of installing heat pumps at their homes and businesses.

The goals of the CleanComfort programs are:

  1. To provide a no-cost consultation with our Heat Pump Specialist as a way educate our customers about the latest in heat pump technology, available Belmont Light rebates for heat pumps, and other incentives.
  2. To connect customers with a list of vetted, qualified heat pump contractors to ensure a high quality of installation.
  3. To work with the customer and contractor throughout the process to ensure that industry standards for sizing, design, and installation are followed.
  4. To perform a quality assurance check following installation to confirm that the new heat pump system will work correctly for the customer.

Here’s How to Start

Determine what stage of the heat pump installation process you’re at:

  • If you are new to heat pump technology and want to learn more about it, what to expect with installation and operating costs, and what incentives are available, click here.
  • If you have received a quote for installation on your home and want to receive unbiased, third party feedback on it, click here.
  • If you want to talk with a building science and heat pump expert about the technical specifications of your project, click here.

To view the list of contractors, click here: Belmont Light’s Contractor List

For Heat Pump Contractors

If you are a heat pump contractor and would like to be vetted to join our Participating Contractors List, you can set up a 30-minute onboarding virtual meeting or phone call with our Heat Pump Specialist.

Click here to view the requirements for the Participating Contractors List.

Click here to schedule a virtual meeting now.

Click here to schedule a phone call now.