Belmont Light recognizes that the decision to host an emission-free renewable distributed generation facility requires careful consideration of many economic and physical factors. Our distributed generation policy is designed to provide customers with flexibility of contract and fuel options while maintaining low rates for all customers and the reliability and safety of our system. If you have questions regarding our policy or rate, please do not hesitate to contact us. 


Before beginning installation, distributed generation host customers are required to submit an Interconnection and Service Agreement Application together with the application processing fee and a copy of the signed electrical permit. Qualifying renewable or non-emitting systems include, but are not limited to:

  • Solar PV Systems
  • Battery Storage Systems or
  • Wind Turbines
  1. Submit Application Part 1 (Pages 1-4 of Interconnection and Service Agreement Application for Behind-the-Meter Installations) to or to Belmont Light’s office, along with:
    • Inverter datasheet showing UL listing
    • Panel and/or other applicable equipment (e.g. battery storage) datasheet showing UL listing
    • One-line diagram showing facility interconnection, main utility metering and any premises sub-metering
    • Accurate customer account and meter number information
    • Customer signature
    • $100 application fee mailed or hand-delivered to Belmont Light
  2. Application Part 1 approved and signed by Belmont Light (typically within 10 business days of when application fee and all required documents are received by Belmont Light).
  3. Determine whether permits are required by other Town of Belmont offices/departments.
  4. Upon completion of facility construction, conduct wire inspection. Appointments can be scheduled by calling Belmont’s Planning and Building Department – Electrical Division at 617-993-2661.
  5. Upon completion of the wire inspection, submit a copy of Application Part 2. Certificate of Completion- Belmont Light Copy signed and dated by the local wire inspector to Belmont Light via email or hard copy. The Customer should retain a copy of the Certificate of Completion.
  6. Receive acknowledgement from Belmont Light of Certificate of Completion receipt and, if applicable, a letter from Belmont Light documenting permission to operate.

Please email Belmont Light at with any questions regarding the interconnection process.


Belmont Light shares its customers’ commitment to emission-free renewable energy. If you are considering installing solar panels or a wind turbine to supply energy to your home or business, please review our Policy on Emission-Free Renewable Energy Facilities.

Current Buyback Credit for Credit for excess Solar Electricity13 cents/kWh


You can support your community by enrolling your residential or commercial solar powered battery system in Belmont’s ConnectedHomes program. Customers who allow their solar-powered battery systems to be controlled and discharged during periods of peak electricity demand will help alleviate regional grid constraints.

Your batteries will keep 20% reserve power and won’t be drawn below that percentage, to ensure proper operation and support your reliability.


For your participation in ConnectedHomes with your Solar Powered Battery, Belmont will provide a year-round incentive of $30 per month for each Battery over 10 kilowatt hours enrolled in the Program. Each battery is eligible for a $360 incentive per Year.

Number of Batteries over 10kWh / CustomerPotential Yearly Incentive*
Batteries are eligible for incentives each month/year they participate.
*Estimation assumes participation of the battery system in every event.

Customers can opt out, but to be eligible for an incentive in a given month, systems should participate in all events of each month. Incentives are processed once every quarter, as bill credits.


Customers may receive a $500 rebate for a new battery storage system. For eligible battery systems purchased after January 1st, 2024 and enrolled in ConnectedHomes, customers may receive a $250 extra for each Battery over 10kWh. To be eligible for a rebate a battery system should have:

  • Approved Interconnection Application
  • Permission to Energize Letter
  • Should be enrolled in ConnectedHomes.

To claim your rebate, email Belmont ( with the copy of the receipts and proof of enrollment in ConnectedHomes, and we will process your rebate as a bill credit.


+List of eligible systems will continue to expand during 2024.

Page updated 10/29/2023