In these difficult times, Belmont Light wants to assure our community that we will continue to provide you with the safe, reliable power that you have always counted on us for.  As part of our commitment to support our residential and commercial customers through the Coronavirus outbreak, we have taken a number of steps to ease the burden they may face.

What We are Doing for Our Customers:

  • Suspending all shutoffs for nonpayment
  • Eliminating fees for late payments
  • Removing interest in penalties for the duration of this crisis
  • Working with our customers on flexible payment plans
  • Providing energy-saving tips to help prevent any potential increases in customer bills due to more at-home time

What We are Doing for Our Employees:

  • As a provider of critical infrastructure to the community, Belmont Light will maintain our electric delivery system throughout this situation.  You will see Belmont Light employees out performing essential work to keep the power on, but we will not be conducting any non-essential work for the time being.
  • Those employees who are able to work from home are now required to do so for the time being.  We are currently putting into place solutions that will allow additional employees, including our Customer Service team to answer customer calls from home as well.
  • Those employees who do report to the office have been split into two groups and are required to observe social distancing guidelines and maintain good office hygiene, including enhanced cleaning for all areas of our building.
  • All vehicles are to be occupied by one employee only.

What You Should Know

  •  If the Coronavirus outbreak means that you are at home much more than usual, you may see an increase in usage leading to a higher electric bill.  We recommend that you track your usage via our online portal, SmartHub, which is also available on the App Store and Google Play Store.  We are also currently offering a video chat version of our Home Energy Assessments and will have other great tips on how to lower your usage in the future.
  • As always, protect yourself from scams.  Like we said above, we have suspended all shutoffs for nonpayment.  This means that if you receive a call from someone posing as us and threatening to shut off your power if you don’t pay immediately, you should HANG UP right away.  We will never call you to demand payment and we do not accept payment via gift cards, as scammers often attempt to get their victims to do.

While we hope to be back to normal as soon as possible, we are doing everything possible to ensure the safety of our customers, our employees, and our entire community.  Please stay safe as we navigate these uncertain times.