A. Level 1 Charging – Anyone has the option to charge their vehicle on a household 110 volt outlet. All EVs come with the appropriate cord allowing you to simply plug your vehicle into the wall. This option, known as “trickle charging,” is very slow and may take up to 15 hours to charge your vehicle. It works best for plug-in hybrids with small batteries, or people who do not drive much each day

B. Level 2 Charging – Most people will choose to install a level 2 charger, which will charge the vehicles much faster than the 110 volt. These chargers come at 240 volts and range in amperage.

Public Charging In Belmont

You can locate public access chargers in and around Belmont via various applications and websites. One main one being PlugShare.

Claflin Lot Chargers

In the Claflin Street Muicipal Lot, there are four (4) spaces with Level 2 charger for the public to use. Currently, these are free for anyone to use.

NOTE: Town of Belmont’s lot use fees and meter does apply to these spots during applicable hours.

Star Market Chargers

There are two (2) spaces with Level 2 chargers available at Star Market on Trapelo Road for customers to use while shopping. They are free for customers, but do have a 2-hour limit.