Belmont Drives Electric can connect residents to the state and federal rebates and incentives to subsidize at-home charging.  These discounts along with the lower operating costs are the reason why EVs are more affordable than many gasoline-powered cars.

  • The MOR-EV rebate is awarded after you fill out the application.You can expect to receive the rebate 2-3 months after submission.
  • Lower operating costs- Maintenance on electric vehicles is cheaper than that of gasoline vehicles thanks to regenerative braking, fewer moving parts, and no fluid replacements.


  • Save time (and money) by skipping the gas station.  Plug your car in at home over night and start the day fully fueled.  Never worry about visiting a gas station.


  • Nationwide, gasoline use makes up about 20% of total greenhouse gas emissions.  In 2014, total carbon dioxide emissions from gasoline added up to 1,077 million metric tons.  Carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions are responsible for changing the makeup of earth’s atmosphere and climate patterns. (visit for more information)
  • Electric vehicles release no tailpipe emissions, improving the local air quality.
  • Cradle-to-grave, EVs reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 50%. (Visit Union of Concerned Scientists for more information)
  • Electric vehicles provide nearly twice the carbon savings of a residential rooftop solar system.
  • Belmont Light is increasing the amount of renewable generation each year, to achieve 100% renewable by 2022. See our Power Portfolio for more details


  • Plug-in EVs offer a smooth and quiet ride and generally have quicker acceleration than gasoline vehicles.


  • Avoiding the gas pump means greater energy independence and reducing our dependence on imported oil.