Cordless Yard Equipment Rebate

Customers, both residential and commercial, that purchase battery-operated electric yard equipment may be eligible for rebates. The program is open to residents of Belmont as well as commercial businesses operating within Belmont.

Rebate Amounts

Appliance and DescriptionRebate Amount
String Trimmers and Edgers$25
Leaf Blowers$30
Hedge Trimmers$40
Chain and Pole Saws$40
Pressure Washers$40
Push and Walk-Behind Lawn Mower$100
Riding Lawn Mower (non zero-turn)$200
Zero-Turn Riding Lawn Mower$400

Program Description

  • Applications must be tied to a current residential or commercial account
  • Rebate is no more than 50% of the total cost of equipment
  • Residential accounts are limited to:
    • $500 per account per year
    • One (1) appliance per account

Apply Now

Download and fill out the application form below. You must include the sales receipt to be eligible for a rebate.


Mow Electric! – A grassroots initiated resource that offers product reviews and savings calculators. This is primarily focused on Vermont-based utilities, so does have some extra information.